TkTable - a table (spreadsheet) Widget for Tk

TkTable is a full-featured 2D table widget for Tk. It supports images, embedded windows, varying colors and fonts, and more.


   1 import tktable
   3 table = tktable.Table(parent, 
   4     rows = 5,
   5     cols = 5
   6     )
   7 table.pack()



For another example check the 'tk table calendar'

The file, a python wrapper for the Tcl/Tk TkTable widget, is in the demo directory of the source code for TkTable, available at As it says in its headers, it is an example implementation only. I believe there are other tkTable Python modules available. The file file can be run to test the TkTable installation.

Update: A complete TkTable wrapper can be found at now.

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